Best Romantic Getaways

Wish to fall in love all over again with your significant other? Perhaps now would be the ideal time to pack your bags and head to a romantic getaway. Here are some of MAG Weekly’s travel picks for you and your beloved

Granada, Spain

Perched on the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the southern Spain’s Andalusia region is the grand city of Granada, beholding the aging fortress Alhambra and the twisted Moorish streets. The medieval architecture is reminiscent of the Moorish period and beholds an air of romance. It is the sort of place you will want to explore with your loved one; from its royal palaces, to open and beautiful patios and waters pools that reflect nostalgic vibes, huge orchards, the most beautiful gardens and overflowing fountains; all encompass a whirling area of serenity and sing songs of love.

Bora Bora, South Pacific

If you plan on taking your beloved into a far-flung retreat from the real world and into a place where there is all nature’s play, then there is no better place than Bora Bora. From barrier reefs, to mountains, to volcanic peaks rising above the dense rainforest, dank vegetation and long beaches; Bora Bora has all the splendour of nature’s work in one place for your eyes. Treat yourself to an exotic resort which gives you a panoramic view of the beauty that lies over the Mount Otemanu. Wooden lodging perched beautiful over the beaches will be soothing for your eyes. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini lures in honeymooners from all over the world. It is the picture-perfect destination for both the newly wedded about to embark on their new lives and for couples who want to stir up their age-long romance again. Santorini forms one of the islands in the Agean Sea and is something right out of a traveller’s ethereal fantasy; an island with the pulsing sea around, the spiralling hilly streets, white walls capped with prettiest hues of blue and fantastic sunset which you can see in the mirror of your partner’s eyes. When the sun sets and the city slumbers, romance is awakened in the air of the island with restaurants, churches and houses lighting up like a starry night.

Oxford, England

If you or your partner has an ardent interest in the Medieval British architecture, the comfort of old school ways or serendipity of neighborhood coffee shops, then Oxford will be a romantic destination for you. Every sight you find in the city is scenic enough to grace a postcard or a calendar’s graphics; breathtakingly beautiful. Gazing at students clad in stuff cloaks rushing to the Oxford University adds to the scenic view of the beautiful city. Just looking at the Oxford University, the oldest English-speaking University in the whole wide world leaves a twinge of nostalgia and romance; makes one feel they are playing a role in romantic film in which themes of love and the smallest gestures are in full swing.

Bali, Indonesia

If a powerfully beautiful sight existed, which actually hurts to watch, it would be the requited beauty and love of Bali. The land is so beautiful; you can feel some of its beauty and wanderlust creeping inside you. The beckoningly wide beaches, the greens of the resting rice paddies and the historic treasure of the Hindu temples are sights you and your partner must drink in together. Bali has become a hotbed for tourist attractions, with resorts and restaurants to cater to different budgets. Imagine few exotic days of living in a polished villa which opens to private pools and alluring beauty of the beaches. One word: lovely. Even more fascinating is the dining experience, where you can treat yourself to lobsters, shrimps and a variety of delicious fish. With the winding surfs hitting the cliffs, you can watch the nature’s waters play, with your partner right next to you.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

If you or your partners share ‘the love’ for beach, the Whitsunday Islands should be on your list of trips to take together. In the clenching depths of Great Barrier Reef, the cluster of 74 Whitsunday Islands near the coast of Queensland will give you some of the best sights to experience with your partner. Despite being a tourist hotspot, you are bound to find a private bubble on these lovely islands because there is so much to do together. Taking unending walks on the Whitehaven Beach, taking a helicopter tour over the Heart Reef, lounging in a boat for few days in the sea and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef are some experiences that your eyes and mind will refuse to ever let go.