60 Seconds With Dino Ali

Dino Ali is the guy who ruled the VJ-ing realm in Pakistan and is still loved for his quirky demeanour, on and off-screen. The multitasking lad has done quite a lot of work throughout his career and still keeps at it with the same energy. Be it VJ-ing, radio jockeying, singing or acting, Dino has proved his mettle, again and again in the best possible way.

The biggest perk of being me is that I get a chance to make people smile, laugh, enjoy themselves making them forget all tensions even for a little while.

Best part of the day for me is when I come home to my family.

I am currently listening to Strings’ new song Sajni. Apart from that I’ve been listening to Uzair Jaswal and Asim Azhar’s music, as well as Justin Timberlake’s new album. I also love this Chinese artiste Khalil Fong’s music and the song Crush by an artiste named Yuna.

If stuck on an island, I would figure out a way to find food, a place to sleep and try to get the basic necessities in order.

The last photograph I took was not exactly taken by me but someone photographed me on my phone at the Cake premiere in Karachi.

Life for me is a constant struggle and ambition to make myself better.

Best memory to-date for me is the day I met Amitabh Bachchan and interviewed him for two hours. I got to spend almost two to three hours with him and that was the biggest moment of my life.

My best vacation memory is when I got a chance to go to Africa as part of a channel’s Ramazan transmission. I went to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and was simply blown away by the beauty of the place and the way people live there. It’s so different and cool.

My style philosophy is to just be you! Wear whatever you want. If you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing then no matter what it is you’ll be able to carry it.