Selena Gomez: BLASTED By Father of Suicide Victim

From the time of its debut last year, the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has been the subject of constant controversy.

The show deals with the subject of teen suicide in a way that some critics feel might serve to glamorise the tragic act in the eyes of a very young and impressionable audience.

As 13 Reasons' most high-profile personnel, Selena has often found herself in the position of being forced to publicly defend the show's subject matter. And now, she's receiving her harshest criticism yet from a man who knows all too well how dangerous the show's message can be when it's received by a vulnerable audience.

John Herndon of Livermore, California lost his 15-year-old daughter, Bella, to suicide last year.

After her death, Herndon and his wife learned that Bella had recently been watching 13 Reasons Why.

Herndon has spoken out against the series in the past, and this week, he was asked to comment on news that each episode of the show's second season will feature a public service announcement from the cast encouraging viewers to seek help if they're experiencing suicidal thoughts.