Meera & Ateeq Nikahnama neema!

Lo bhai! The item of acute interest, the nikahnama has surfaced! And the chap, who was responsible for the legal meeting between the two pyar karne waley, has suddenly jumped out of the truncated office of the nikah registrar, uttering like the late lateef, ‘hazir, sir!’

Well, it seems the zimmedar shakhs (shucks!) had been sleeping in a cave in the portal ever since the nikah between Meera and Ateequr Rehman, and as the ghanta struck of his bedari, he ran through the underground sewerage system, and appeared just in time for the case about to be adjourned!

Meera dearest, as always (love her for being so consistent) kept saying “kitni baar aap ko bataoon ke aisa koi nikah huwa hee nahi!”

Afsos, the bechara fellow, Ateeq went through so much trouble, but I still think that even when the nikah registrar has appeared out of the black hole, Meera won’t be ready for puri life with such a persistent shauhar! How dare he! After all, Meera is running the campaign for her mom, who is gunning for a minister in the coming elections. Does she have the time for this stupidity? Shush!