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My lungs, my choice

Mahira Khan’s smoking has caused an uproar yet again. The actress was seen enjoying a cigrette at the backstage of a recent event and someone recorded her without her knowledge. She made headlines for the same reason last year when she was spotted smoking with Ranbir Kapoor in New York. Post the second incident, hashtags like “Mere Lungs Meri Marzi” have been rotating on Twitter. After the video went viral, she was trolled heavily like last time but some of her fans defended her, with one user writing: “3 million women in Pakistan smoke on a daily basis. Mahira Khan is just another 1 out of those 3 million. Stop freaking out.

Hot on Social Media

Visa applications maybe tied with social media by the US

Trump’s government in the US has expressed that it wants to start gathering social media history of nearly everybody who wants to enter the US. The proposal comes from the US state department and says that most visa applications should provide details of their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It also states that they (visa applicants) would have to disclose all social media identities used in the past five years and approximately 14.7 million people a year would be affected by the proposals. The information would be used to identify and vet those seeking both immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Those applying for American visas will also be asked for five years of their telephone numbers, email addresses and travel history.

Tweeting Tribute

@ZulfiRao1 – When the first constitution of #Pakistan was being passed in Feb 1956 which named it 'Islamic' Republic of Pakistan, a leading newspaper then carried this cartoon. No newspaper can dare go for such a satire today. Times have really changed.

Glued to the screen


Tabeer loses her husband shortly after the birth of their son and starts living with her grandmother. What ensues further is a series of unfortunate events in her life. The viewers will get to see how tough life becomes for a young single mother. Will she find some peace and happiness? For that, they will have to wait and watch.