Stuck in a time machine


Our very own TV diva Sarwat Gilani does not have much to her credit to call herself a fashion icon, following her recent appearance at an event in Karachi where she pulled of a rather old look of her own.

The actress was spotted wearing a shirt, striking extreme resem-blance to an outfit she wore for a shoot with MAG around seven years ago. Considering a lot changes in seven years, we do not see Sarwat’s fashion choices changing in all these years for she had no qualms in sporting an A-line shirt, which has now become a thing of the past – for most, if not all.

Sarwat is probably stuck in a time machine and wants to make vintage fashion an ‘in’ thing! It’s pretty obvious that her fashion game is certainly not evolutionary, let alone exceptional.

Sorry Sarwat G, we don’t approve!