Fawad, Mehwish honoured at Filmfare re-launch in Dubai

Dubai recently hosted a celebratory event following the re-launch of Filmafare Middle East. The venue was lit to perfection with celebrities flocking to the red carpet from both, Pakistan and India under one roof. Can you believe this! The glitz and glamour of the night was not to be missed.

Danube, one of UAE’s biggest corporations, was behind the coveted re-launch where India’s ban on Pakistani artistes could do nothing to stop celebs form both sides of the border to arrive at a common juncture and share the celebration of performing arts. Yes, it did happen, and we also got to learn the most amazing news. Our very own Khoobsurat Khan aka Fawad Khan was bestowed with an award for the Best Cinematic Icon by the magazine following his outstanding work in Bollywood, alongside Mehwish Hayat who received a Pakistan Icon plaque at the extravagant ceremony.

The occasion saw several popular celebrities in attendance, like Deepika Padukone, Dia Mirza, Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra and Jackie Shroff, walking inside the venue with their glam on point. Pakistani model Hasnain Lehri was also spotted among splendid stars.


Tell us! Who hasn’t been keeping track of the much trending hashtag #FerozeDaVeyah for the past two weeks? We certainly did, for the handsome star has finally tied the knot following an arranged marriage and has officially introduced his wife – Alizay – to the world.

His mehndi was a grand event and every celebrity known to Pakistan was spotted at the festive night. Even Fawad Khan arrived with his lovely wife, while his sisters Humaima and Dua Malick burned the dance floor with their killer moves as they celebrated their dear brother’s big day.