Yasmeen Lari – Saving the city’s heritage

The first female architect of Pakistan, Yasmeen Lari, recently held a press conference at Karachi Press Club to propagate the restoration of the historic Calcutta House in the city’s Ranchore Line area, as well as more than 500 heritage buildings which are in a deteriorating condition. Her main aim was to bring attention towards the lack of seriousness of various concerned departments for the renovation and maintenance of colonial heritage structures, which were at a risk of collapsing not because of weather conditions or seismic activity but because they weren’t being taken care of properly.

While addressing the press meet, she said, “These buildings are a true reflection of our culture and heritage. We need to take care and maintain them for our future generations. Concerned departments need to look into this matter and ensure the safety and protection of these historical colonial sites.”

The celebrated architect lamented the lack of seriousness which is prevalent among the concerned authorities. To address the issue she asked to make the process of maintaining such buildings easy, so that Heritage Foundation of Pakistan can work towards their betterment and rehabilitation. She also urged citizens to come forward and help their initiative by notifying their management about buildings which are in a rickety condition.

Famous architect and MPA Samar Ali Khan also shared his opinion on the matter and aimed to support Yasmeen in her endeavours.