Following the resplendent promotions of the film, we all have been craving Cake for a while. The film had become the talk of the town even before its launch. While the cinema fanatics are enjoying it on the big screen these days, we have had our fashion-critique eyes on the styling and outfit the lead actresses of the film wore to its endless promotional rounds.

Cake, the film stars the gorgeous Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh in the lead roles. The talented actresses play sisters in the film. At occasions their styling games were swoon-worthy and at other times, they turned up in questionable attires that had us shaking our heads. Let’s look at some of the hits and misses. 

Meet, greet and monochrome

It all started from February last year, where the cast of Cake arranged a meet and greet at café Mews in Karachi, to announce they have a film in ‘baking’. The power girls nailed the event in monochrome. Sanam Saeed donned a basic white top with breezy sleeves and black pants on her petite frame. The turquoise pumps added a fitting dash of colour and fun to her look. Aamina Sheikh can be seen in a figure-hugging monochrome jumpsuit, which at first glance, seems too snug for her. The pairing of the white clutch, heeled boots and statement earrings salvaged her look for the day. The stars looked on point with their daytime make-up and attire, though.

Some fashion enlightenment at opening gala

At the UK Asian Film Festival opening gala, the actresses underwent a fashion epiphany (thank God!) and boasted glamorous outfits and styling. After a series of repetitive black attires, and gloomy grey tulles, it was exhilarating to see Aamina flaunt some colour. She wore a vibrant printed silk sari with a bright halter neck blouse, with silk tassel trailing. Sanam kept it traditionally appealing too, by wearing a golden long coat over a red dress. Her gorgeous make-up and the gold earrings merit a mention.

A premiere affair

At the film’s international premiere at London’s Leicester Square, the Pakistani film set the precedence of being the first ever to get an international premiere. We just wished the main female leads had also set some fashion precedence on its wake. While their fashion game wasn’t bland, we hoped that the stars would experiment a little with their outfits. Aamina, sticking to her flair for blacks, dressed in a snug silk mermaid gown. What caught our eyes was the silver-stone studded belt and her hair. Sanam wore a teal outfit with gold embellishments over a plunging neckline. Her dress complimented her tall physique aptly.

Out on the London streets

Captured during their extensive promotional tours in London, the actresses flaunted exemplary street style. Aamina really seems to think black is her colour, and we agree. The star wore her short hair sleek, donning a basic black dress, paired with antique jewellery. Sanam was spotted in a vermillion jumpsuit with black floral impressions. The stars wore minimal make-up, which brought out their beautiful dusky tones to attention.