When they are not dressed for the red carpet, ditzy premieres, or film promotions, you see them dressed for the streets. Take the sartorial inspiration from these celebrities as they stamp on the streets while making authentic style statements.

Adeel Hussain

He is your charming actor from Ho Mann Jahaan, who is not just praised for his acting but for his tasteful dressing. Often spotted on the streets in statement t-shirts and even formal button-downs, Adeel needs no lessons over the art of serving aces to street fashion.

Lesson to take: Button-downs can be rocked casually if you find just the right fitting pair of jeans.

Hasnain Lehri

No fashion show is declared complete without Hasnain Lehri taking the runway in his flaming masculinity. And he makes sure onlookers take a heavy breather whenever he is spotted in the streets in all his glory. His street styling is always graded with an A. It is rather an understatement to state; he is not your typical boy next door (we can only wish), he is his own style maestro.

Lesson to take: Beard grooming goes a long way in giving you a chiseled face that is right out of a fashion magazine. 

Kamiar Rokni

A celebrated fashion designer like Kamiar Rokni can be calibrated to do one thing best; styling. And when it comes to his personal style, the fashion maestro is always marching to his style sensibility. If the man was in charge of a high street brand like Sapphire and works on his own designer powerhouse, House of Kamiar Rokni, imagine the influence of his own personal tastes. We have usually seen the designer suited up on most occasions.

Lesson to take: Suits, on an occasion that is casual or formal, will remain to be a man's best friend.

Sheheryar Munawar

We frequently enjoy the pleasure of seeing Sheheryar in making fashion statements, be it on the red carpet, causal

dining affairs or his adventures on the street. Giving the impression of that rowdy, fun boy from the school classroom, Sheheryar’s street style philosophy is a blend of casual and quirk. The man’s statement shoes and jackets are a sight-stealing.

Lesson to take: Invest in boots!

Ali Sethi

For street styling, there is no given rulebook, other than not to look too overbearing. When it comes to contemporary take on street fashion, Ali Sethi has given us some notable appearances. He dresses unconventional, quirky and somehow, on point. He is the one to make bold fashion statements and does justice to them.

Lesson to take: Do you dare rock glitter shoes? He can!