Letters To The Editor

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
– Leo Tolstoy

Pakistan International Film Festival

The Pakistan International Film Festival was joined by scores of artists from all over the country, and about 22 artists from the neighbouring India. The event took place in Karachi, with its sessions and gala openings flocked by many from media and entertainment industry. The festival strives to be the largest of its kind in Pakistan, and screens features, documentaries, establishing a unique platform to promote Pakistani cinema and its filmmakers. It is a great platform for exchange of ideas, interaction and open dialogue in a country like Pakistan, which holds great cinematic potential.

Ali Hamza,

Malala Returns Home

After a span of five years, Malala sets foot on her homeland, where she was shot by Taliban, aged just 15 years old. In a tear-filled speech the now 20 year old addressed the public, telling everyone how in the past years, she had craved the sight of her homeland. The Nobel Prize laureate is now welcomed home with open arms. While there will always be people who ridicule her, calling her a weapon of western menace and ‘a western spy’, Malala never had any qualms about the negativity thrown her way, as the young woman continues to weave positivity around her.

Kareem Hashwani,

Maintenance of public parks

Most of the public parks in Karachi are being neglected and falling into disrepair due to bad maintenance. One of the reasons why children are not interested in outdoor games is the poor maintenance of public parks. Outdoor activities encourage physical development and coordination in a child, enhance their motor skills, flexibility and improve their fitness.

Apart from this outdoor games allow them to appreciate nature, promote wellness with Vitamin D synthesis and help them breathe in fresh air. I would like the concerned authorities to take an immediate action and supervise the assigned workers to ensure that they are properly maintained.

Sarosh Sultana,

Heat wave to hit Karachi again

Predictions are being made that the summers in Karachi are going to be hotter than the last. An ambush of dreaded heat wave is said to hit the city and its surrounding cities. In the past years, as most citizens would recall, the heat wave was terrible, with scores of deaths reported and people hospitalised. It is requested that the concerned authorities pay heed to this and make some first-hand preparations for the citizens. Initiatives such as installing fans and water coolers in public spaces, distribution of chilled water bottles on the roads, etc, should be taken. The hospitals should also be braced for any unforeseen emergencies.

Fizza Qamar,