Sonya Hussyn’s tale of style evolution

We get it; we all go through style evolutions during different phases in our lives; but none as drastic and sudden as Sonya Hussyn who has been on and off the radar for her acting skills and most often, her questionable style sense. While many remember the actress from her debut days in television, where she played the roles of hopeless and submissive becharis, the star has hitched her horse to bold roles, like that in her film Moor. We can say the same for her styling.
Here is a timeline of her appearances and few handfuls of saves through the years.

2011 – In fashion agony

We were as taken aback as you now, when we fell upon this picture of Sonya in our archive. Everything from the colour, to the silhouette, the print, neckline and rather questionable and unneeded presence of the red bows, adds to our distress. Not to mention the make-up and the shady bangs have our lips pursed in disapproval.

2013 – Being fashion-forward

Then came 2013 when Sonya was evolving as an actress. Along the way she tried to be style conscious, as she posed in what she believed back then, was a ‘fashion-forward’ choice of attire.

2015 – Arriving at Barbie Convention?

Capes may only look good on superheroes! But it looks like her styling needed some super-fashion saving back then. Perhaps she got an invite from a Barbie-themed party and was dressed for it… Otherwise, we can’t find any plausible reason why the starlet may have risen to such a questionable outfit.

2016 – When even black leather can’t save you...

Leather jacket can be blindly counted upon to take one’s style game up several notches. In fact, we don’t know many celebrities who have failed to impress in a leather jacket. Luckily, Sonya grabbed the right piece to accentuate her look even though we do not approve of black on black.

Experimental, white and drab

We appreciate Sonya’s placid shot at modesty, but then it’s the only thing to appreciate; the attire has let her down miserably. She would have surpassed the vogue test with flying 6/10, had she only styled her hair better and not chosen the overwhelming pair of hoop earrings. Sonya, we love hoops too, but this was not the night (or the outfit) to wear them!


After being a repeated offender in Hall of Fame of Fashion Disasters, Sonya in the recent years is presumably struck by a bolt of fashion enlightenment. About time!

Alluring, monochrome and avant-garde

We are totally digging this formal and avant-garde ensemble Sonya wore to an awards ceremony in 2016. The skirt-cum-sari, with an off shoulder blouse, gave a heavy serving of bold and chic.

Serving some fashion

It is great to see the actress finally embracing the realisation that she needed an urgent fashion intervention. We are not a fan of the confusing cut of the top, though the colour looks lovely on her. The skirt and jewelled belt have us sold. Overall, the look gives a refreshing break from the actress usual code of minimalism.

Slayer, for once

Ah, this feels different; we finally stumbled upon a picture of Sonya from an awards show and have something nice to say. The asymmetrical single shoulder cut is doing wonders for her, the hair is perfectly styled and for once, her take on minimal make-up is complimenting her.

2018- Breathtaking in white

This time we are sold! Clad in a heavily embellished ensemble at her sister’s daytime wedding, Sonya really won us over with those cat eyeweddings shades and a bold pout. Dressing chic at daytime is a challenge, but Sonya played it out like a style veteran.

Basic and passable

Just when we thought that one shoulder off was becoming last season, Sonya chanced them a comeback, flaunting them on her toned shoulders. Though, if I were you Sonya, I’d steal some more style and accessorise it just a little.