Pop Singing The possibilities for Pakistan

In pop genre, Nazia Hassan was a fresh and pleasant breeze. She was inoffensively feminine. She had a limited voice, but had a special way of singing. More importantly, Nazia knew what tunes suited her voice. She was truly a pop singer of Pakistan, who sounded well even in filmy pop. Before her, we had Naheed Niazi, Mala and Runa Laila, who sang some great filmy pop. So, she was in good company.

But, what after her?

The only name that has lived up to the definition of a female pop and folk singer is Hadiqa Kiani. Though she doesn’t have such iconic hits as Nazia’s, her songs have crossed decades, and have come to the early decades of the 21st century. She had semi-classical training, and has that talent, which makes long-surviving superstars. Strictly in pop, currently, Meesha Shafi has been the most powerful voice during the last many years. In fact, the Coca Cola pila de ad-singer remains the only female voice, who can bewitch you as a Rock singer, too. She has proven herself as a versatile pop singer; crooning a jugni, a film hit, a rock number, a fast-paced ghazal etc. And of course, who can forget a highly enthusiastic singer like Komal, a girl, who goes all out to sing heartily. She sings very few numbers annually, but she can prove herself as a versatile pop artiste.

Then, just a couple of years back, Momina Mustehsan surfaced as a very melodious voice. Through the Coke Studios, she has turned up her volume. Last time, I listened to her rendition of Salman’s Ghoom Tana, I was astonished by the finesse she attained while singing an otherwise normal melody. Literally, she made that song melodious. I hope she becomes a top pop singer of Pakistan.