Ahsan Khan Cast & Curious!

Yaar, vaisey the chap looks really handsome standing beside the Fast & Furious cast! Despite not being a macho banda like Vin Diesel, The Rock, or Paul Walker, apna Ahsan Khan bhi kisi se kam naheen!

The one quality that Pakistani actors have is that they are always very natural in any atmosphere. The Indian actors are good, but they always act filmy, even on stage. So, if there’s a good director, our boys and girls learn very quickly. They are not nurtured on manufactured, over-romantic menu. In my opinion, it will be great for Ahsan to work with the Fast & Furious team, which has already notched up great successes.

But, then, again, all this may be a lot of conjecture. In a week’s time all will be cleared. So, this factor that some of our artistes may work with the west would be a real boon, especially with a professional team like Fast & Furious.