De Ijazat - Another Serial Down the Drain!

After such a curious name as the above-mentioned, not much expectations were entertained by many audiences! But, De Ijazat caught the attention of the people, when a female journalist got involved with the son of a millionaire family. This seemed promising.

Alas! After lots of episodes have gone on air, the serial once again failed to present the life of a journalist realistically on TV. A sad state of affairs, because this serial, blatantly turned into another frustrating domestic nonsense with the same kind of hodgepodge that is seen all year long on our channels. For once, why couldn’t a good, meaty serial be shown on the life of a struggling, but brave journalist, who goes through hail and high water to break a vital series of stories on the channel, exposing the corrupt elements in the society, of which there are many! With this serial again going on the beaten path, I am thoroughly disappointed by the channel, which has, otherwise, been quite innovative, waqtan fa waqtan!

Let me say the artistes have all done well, aside from Aisha Sana, whose character has been written like she is a warring female, whose features don’t change one bit from the last serial she did! If written with characteristics, roles like her’s won’t be so clichéd!