3 reasons why Dino Ali’s ‘Pyar Yahi Hai' deserves a big miss

Dino Ali is not a new name in the industry. An actor, RJ, VJ, he is known to try his hands and luck in different fields of entertainment. Unfortunately, his newly developed love for music is quite a miss since his latest song ‘Pyar Yahi Hai’ (released on YouTube) has been making waves, and not for the good reasons.

For its offbeat renditions: All the music jingoes out there (jingoes because listening to the song surely is like fighting a war), you will never find a dull moment in this latest venture Dino Ali has jumped into. Not a dull moment means Dino has been successful in constantly hammering your musical sensibilities.

For its immature lyrics: ‘Pyar Yahi Hai’ was never written for listeners with their minds and souls in working condition, I bet! If it was, it would have sounded far better than the version that is out to haunt music lovers.

The ‘ghostly’ video: Well, it does look like a short clip from a B, C, D… wait, Z-grade Bollywood flick, where a human-looking-ghost is trying to make every move to sell his latest offering, not to mention the on and off rap moves against a dirty red backdrop. Rather than coming out with a video that could hide the record’s loopholes, Dino went for a lowbrow one (in the name of creativity) and failed big time.

As I am not a music critic, let’s not discuss the technicalities that come along while reviewing a song. But as a regular listener and an ardent music lover, I won't approve of certain offerings that come as a surprise package from someone already in the limelight while taking all the benefits social media has to offer.

In an interview, Dino once said, “Hosting is makkhan, acting is a tough job.” So is music, Dino. The sooner you realise the fact, the better!