Letters TO The Editor

“But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Sale of unhygienic food

Food is the basic need of life and is necessary for both mental and physical development of a person. It is to be noted that the rise in sale of unhygienic and contaminated food is at its peak in Karachi. The food is being prepared in polluted surroundings with no care given to cleanliness, which results in a chain of diseases such as food poisoning, stomach, intestinal and digestion problems. Roadside stalls, vendors are not the only ones to be blamed, but also many of the popular restaurants that have no clean setup for the preparation of food. Heavy fines should be imposed on restaurants using contaminated and unhygienic elements in food preparation. The concerned authorities are requested to take a step forward at this issue which is increasing at an alarming rate.

Sarosh Sultana,

PIA gets a makeover

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) undergoes a major change in its official design after 10 years. An art depiction of Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan, has replaced Pakistani’s flag on the aircraft’s tail. The rebranding has been a part of PIA’s business plan, to give the airline a new, pleasant appearance. The change has been appreciated and lauded by officials and the masses alike. Markhor is spotted on the mountainous regions of Pakistan and symbolises a fighter which does not lose heart in hard times.

Rehmat Bashir,

It’s time to go solar

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and currently the entire world is benefiting from it. While Pakistan is slowly coming to terms with the importance of solar power, its progress has been rather slow. At the moment, most of our country’s power generation relies on thermal power plants; where electricity is generated through burning of fuels (e.g. furnace oil), proving extremely harmful to the environment. The government has its focus mainly on establishing and backing fossil fuel based power plants, and neglecting the country’s potential to utilise solar power. Efforts must be made to harness and utilise this natural resource to the nation’s economical and environmental benefit.

Kabir Khan,

Need for a children’s magazine

We have countless magazines dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, and tech and even for indulgences like travel and food, but it is rare to find a good children’s magazine. Most magazines simply add a ‘kids section’, which hardly suffices the child’s need to a good read or activity. While there are several children’s magazines afloat in the market, I feel there is often a lacking in the content. More efforts need to be made in publishing good magazines for children to inculcate the reading habit in them.

Shaista Maleen,