There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan, when it comes to actors, singers, performers and trendsetters. Everyone will agree in unison that when it comes to establishing fashion trends, our L-town celebs have given us a lot to chew and enjoy

Hamza’s classic black shalwar qameez

Many celebrities have taken to wearing the traditional shalwar qameez on countless occasions, but most of them were forgettable appearances. And none quiet like Hamza Ali Abbasi’s classic, black shalwar qameez. I believe its easy being Hamza, as he doesn’t have to fret about what to wear to special occasions; he has attended glitzy soirees, parties, premieres and even important political meetings in this coveted dress code. In fact, his tall black kurta clad frame can put any tuxedo-ed mad to shame!

Shehzad Roy’s messy hair and Ray Ban sunnies

Shehzad Roy has not only influenced masses with his music and philanthropy, but also with his style statements. Any 90’s kid who grew up listening to Roy’s songs like Saali and Teri Soorat would have fond memories of the singer rocking his disheveled, unkempt hair and Ray Ban shades, with a guitar in his hand. If one remembers, that really unleashed a strong fashion trend of donning black Ray Ban sunnies. When the singer later opted for soldier cropped hair that suits him just fine, the black Ray Bans are still there!

Ali Haider and the advent of Purani Jeans

We are talking about the early 90s when Ali Haider’s song Purani Jeans hit the musical charts and became a national hit overnight. But even more entertaining was the song’s musical video which featured him and his band members wearing jeans. Back in the 90s jeans had still not attained it raging popularity, but when the musical video came out, suddenly it served as a trendsetter!

Ali Zafar’s Rockstar jacket

The inborn rockstar that the Channo singer is, even rocking has been his attire choices which fit just well with his banging domineer. The singer is seen supporting embellished beaded jackets to his concerts and performances which is a sweeping reminder of Micheal Jackson’s Beat It rockstar garb. And how can we forget his amazing performance in Coke Studio as he sang Rockstar clad in a deconstructed jacket.

Fahad Mustafa and his quirky specs

The actor and TV show host is generally loved by the masses because of his candid conversations with fans and, ah, of course his successful stream of movies. We love how he’s mostly seen bespectacled to make a style statement. And prove; you don’t have to be poor eye-sighted to rock a pair of specs!

Faakhir’s leather jacket and spiked hair

You don’t have to be a 90s kid to find memories in Faakhir’s vocal chords; the star rose to his stardom in the early 2000 and has continued to shine since then. While the music industry owes Faakhir for hits like Dil Na Lagey and Mahi Ve, the fashion industry owes him a punch for fetching the trend of black leather jackets! And of course, the once coveted spikes. These were game changing trends that completely enveloped the masses at the time.