AI courses offered as a skill for your CV by Microsoft

The world needs more AI engineers and Microsoft is the most up-to-date firm which has tried to cater to this demand, following the launch of a new course on its tech accreditation scheme, also known as the Microsoft Professional Program, dedicated to artificial intelligence.

The course is comprised of 10 modules, each can be taken online between eight and 16 hours. They encompass a range of sub-disciplines, including computer vision, data analysis, speech recognition, and natural language processing. The exact cost of the course isn’t clear as yet, but the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science is priced at $990, so one can expect something in that range.

Pokémon Go to reward players for picking up trash on Earth Day

This year on Earth Day, Pokémon Go is asking players to do more than just catch Pokémon. The game’s developer Niantic is collaborating with a handful of local non-profit organisations to clean and pick up trash in natural areas worldwide. If enough people participate in this activity, players will be rewarded with in-game items when catching certain types of Pokémon.

As of now, there are 37 clean-up events across the world scheduled for Earth Day – eight of them are in the United States, 23 in Europe, five in Asia, and one off the coast of Africa. There aren’t too many events yet, but the Niantic hopes to add more places and is also calling on players to suggest other organizations to also participate in this good cause.

Mozilla to help you prevent Facebook’s tracking

A new browser extension called the "Facebook Container" lets Firefox users isolate their activity on Facebook to, making it more difficult to track users' actions elsewhere on the web. The hope is that someone searching for and booking a trip wouldn't then cause related ads to appear on your Facebook feed, for example, without having to go ahead and delete Facebook altogether.

Mozilla noted in a blog post that websites that allowed a user to create an account and log-in through Facebook will not work properly within the Facebook Container.