5 Make-up Ideas to Swear By

  • 21 Apr - 27 Apr, 2018
  • Ambreen Asim
  • Beauty

There are times when you are stuck with the ideas on how to decide a make-up look for a particular event… when your otherwise classy dress is asking for a more accentuated look in terms of make-up and you are undecided how to carry it off with a perfect pout. In the following lines, we are going to discuss a few make-up trends that are sure to make you a hit at the parties.

1 - Make ‘Natural' save your day (and time):

Whatever you call it; less is more, no make-up look or the natural one, this is gonna be your saving grace even with a high-end party dress. It not only keeps things minimal but also adds an oomph factor to your persona that is not always guaranteed with a pout that shouts.

A few guidelines: Make sure that you carry the look at day-time parties, for it is not very friendly for the night functions. Plus, make sure that you are donning it with aplomb only to enhance your look and not to make you appear timid.

Take a cue from our very own, the beautiful Hania Aamir, who looks ravishing without heavy layers of make-up. To me, her beauty lies in fresh, dewy skin.

2 - Soft eyes, bold pout:

This is one look most make-up artists swear by for it is bound to boost your confidence in a jiffy, leaving a lasting impression on the onlooker. Don't commit the mistake of overdoing your eyes with kohl or liner otherwise you will end up killing your look instead of killing with it. Just let your lips do the work.

A few guidelines: Keep red lipstick in stock, in different shades obviously, so that you have variations in terms of colours. Bold pout can do wonders even during the day. But if you want to pull off the trick the other way round (bold eyes, soft pout), I would advise to keep it for a night out.

Take a cue from the very talented Hareem Farooq who has groomed herself to perfection over the years. She looks effortlessly chic in every avatar.

3 - Use of highlighter:

Well, who doesn’t want fairy dusted cheeks? The use of highlighter is very much in vogue since its penetration into the market. Good for both, day and night make-up looks, the highlighter is a sure shot way to keep you look radiating.

A few guidelines: The liquid version of highlighters, commonly called as the pink illuminator, is the safest option when it comes to keeping your skin moisturised and glowing at the same time. When applied to cleansed skin, the shine that an illuminator lends to your cheeks, refuses to go away even after the application of thick layers of foundation.

Take a cue from Neelam Muneer. The girl gets thumbs up when it comes to flaunting those shiny cheeks.

4 - Kohl-lined eyes:

Though not the prime choice of most make-up artists, kohl comes handy when you want to sport a minimal look. Coupled with peachy cheeks and glossy lips, kohl-lined eyes will not make your face look washed out if carried rightfully.

A few guidelines: Avoid a black eye-liner if you opt to line your eyes with kohl. Instead, go for the one brown in colour to turn on the mix and match game. It not only keeps your eyes in the right order (make-up wise) but also makes your other facial features stand out.

Take a cue from Maya Ali, taking the right steps to be an up and coming style icon of Pakistan entertainment industry.

5 - Rosy cheeks:

How many times do you really think before swiping a pink blush across your cheeks? I know not even once. Such is the credibility of this product that it never fails its wearer.

A few guidelines: Just because it gels easily with almost every look, it is not to be obsessed with, either. The success lies in its natural application when you want to don that effortless look. Don't overdo your cheeks with the colour, so as to avoid working like a clown.

Take a cue from none other than Urwa Hocane, the girl with the complexion of Queen Elsa. You can gauge how feasible it must be for Urwa to flash those rosy cheeks every now and then!

These are a handful of techniques to keep you updated on how to look upbeat at any event, donning an effortlessly chic avatar. For more on beauty and make-up ideas, keep glued to our beauty section. Until next time, stick to your beauty routine!