Angie upsets over rumours of Brad dating an MIT professor

Brad Pitt has fans buzzing about his alleged new romance with Neri Oxman, a beautiful MIT professor. While some are thrilled, Angelina Jolie is struggling over the fact that he may have moved on for good.

Angie isn’t too fond of the rumours claiming Brad is dating an MIT professor, Neri Oxman, 42. In fact, “Angelina is steaming with emotions and jealousy,” a source close to the actress tells “She doesn’t like to hear any of the dating rumours about her ex… She can‘t handle it.”

For the first time ever, Angie has found herself a bit intimidated, which the insider says, does not happen often with the actress. “Angie saw pictures of Neri and felt a bit jealous. It’s Neri’s incredible intelligence that has thrown Angie off balance,” the source admits, explaining, “An MIT professor is the last person Angie would have picked for Brad. Instead, “Angie might feel more comfortable if her ex was dating another Hollywood actress.”