• 21 Apr - 27 Apr, 2018
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Luxe Retreat

Qualia, Hamilton Island, Australia

This 60-pavilion resort is perched on the northernmost point of Hamilton Island and draws the outside in, ‘outside’ is being the tip of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, home to the world’s largest coral-reef ecosystem. Handcrafted from wood and stone, the buildings blend into the natural terrain effortlessly. All the exquisitely appointed pavilions face the water, with uninterrupted views over the Coral Sea, and some have their own private plunge pools. This is a self-contained haven with relaxation at its heart, so guests are provided with their own golf buggies to move around the manicured grounds between two restaurants serving fine Australian cuisine, two pools, a private beach, library and spa with a wide range of treatments. No matter how many snaps you come across on Instagram, nothing does justice to the world-class service, uninterrupted expanses of glittering blue water, and the freshest local produce prepared artfully at the restaurants at Qualia when experienced firsthand.

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Esquires Coffee

Esquires, at Zamzama Commercial Lane, Karachi, offers 100 per cent organic coffee to the brew lovers. Even though the restaurant does not boast of a fine dining experience, many come here just for the yummiest caffeine break in town at reasonable prices.

The environment is relaxed and casual, making the eatery a perfect spot to hangout with friends on frequent basis.

The menu is pretty simple for now, considering the place has been functional for little over a month. While the breakfast menu is extensive, the selection also has a few burgers, sandwiches and pastas to offer.

I started my meal with appetiser, Loaded Fries with smokin’ joe pulled beef with crispy onion, melted cheddar, sriracha sauce, sour cream and jalapeno. The fries were delicious and the shredded beef had the typical hunter beef flavour to it and tasted good when combined with jalapenos. The sauce is the star of this appetiser, for sure! You might want to finish it off fast as the cheese gets cold in no time, though the dish is so appetising, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Their Open Brekkie Sandwich came as turkey bacon, potato rosti and grilled mushrooms on nicely toasted sweet burger buns, topped with half fried egg. The sandwich tasted amazing, of course I had combination of its elements separately. The bacon, in particular was well-seasoned and delicious. The rosti, a kind of Swiss fritter that is a breakfast specialty, also deserves special mention. The crispy coating engulfed soft, sweet and steaming hot potato mash that one could have just on its own. This hearty and healthy breakfast is fit for a Sunday treat. Lemon Chicken Fusilli with garlic, chilli and parmigiana was next. The spiral pasta was just al-dente, and even though I personally like my pasta to be softer, this wasn’t a bad deal. The slight tanginess of the lemon complimented the hotness of sliced red chillies. The chicken also had a yummy grilled, BBQ texture to it that stood out. None of the flavours were too strong and gelled in together on the palette well. I enjoyed this with their Sicilian lemonade that was thankfully not too acidic or too sweet, but just the right balance of both. – Sidra S. Khan

What’s in the menu?


A burger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat placed inside a bun. The patty may be pan fried, barbecued, or flame broiled. Burgers are often served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, or chillies, and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, or special sauces are frequently placed on sesame seed buns. A high-quality burger patty is made entirely of ground meat and seasonings. Some cooks prepare their patties with binders like eggs or breadcrumbs.

Because of the potential for food-borne illnesses, it is recommended that beef burgers be cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F (71°C). If cooked to this temperature, they are considered well-done. A 100g serving of double patty beef burger provides approximately 295 calories; 14g fat, 17g of protein, 24g of carbohydrate, 226mg of potassium, 414mg of sodium and 47mg of cholestrol.