Tiny ornamental flower is valued at £1 million on Antiques Roadshow

  • 21 Apr - 27 Apr, 2018
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The tiny object which owner thought was worth £50,000 – and was kept under a soldier's bed for years – has been valued at seven figures

This tiny, ornamental flower made stars of the BBC Antiques Roadshow wilt after it was valued at £1million.

Viewers will see them left open-mouthed by the Faberge -masterpiece this weekend, in the first episode of the new series hosted by Fiona Bruce. Jewellery expert -Geoffrey Munn gasped: “It is the rarest, most poetic manifestation of Faberge’s work that one could ever hope to see.

"A sensation beyond our wildest dreams.”

The gold, diamond and jade ornament was brought in by Honorary Colonel -Stamford -Cartwright on behalf of B (Staffs, Warwick and Worcs) Squadron The Royal Yeomanry.

Although now kept in a secure location, it used to be stored under an -officer’s bed.

Col Cartwright, who thought it was worth £50,000, quipped: “Well, I’m supposed to say it’s not for sale.”

The flower, shown at formal events, was a gift to the cavalry quadron, then the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Hussars, in 1904. It features a pear blossom sprig sitting in a crystal vase, engraved with “QOWH South Africa 1900”.

Now owned by a -charitable trust it won’t be sold. Less than 80 Faberge -botanical studies survive. An Angel of the North model and an FA Cup trophy have also been valued at £1million on the show.