Zoheb Hassan - Sensitive Details

Nazia’s pop singer brother, Zoheb recently talked about Nazia’s career and his relationship with her to a newspaper. It was touching to read about those times. It’s really sad to recall that a nice girl like Nazia suffered in her relationships, while she endeavoured to provide her sincere feelings to the world. Her beautiful melodies, tinged with symbolism, if you know about her life, were as soft, as she sounded and behaved. It’s unfortunate that there was too much happening in her life for her not to be affected by it all. She was really in a soup!

Her mom had certain emotional and political problems; plus Nazia was married to a disoriented businessman etc. She was making music, but with such nafsiati pre-occupations, she was always shaking her head. If she created such good music, it’s truly a mighty effort from her. And when you listen to Dil kee lagi, your mind races behind her hangers-on!

Zoheb tells us, and rightly so, that Nazia had a two-toned voice, “like Abba” girls. She was blessed with that expressive whisper of a voice that stunned you. But, in my opinion, it was her melancholy note, that sad sargoshi, even in happy songs that made you realise she was weighed down by her emotional baggage. Zoheb tells us that she gave her pennies to the charity, and that’s why that beautiful expression was on her face. When I talked to her for her opinion for ten minutes during a show, she seemed totally focused despite her pre-occupation standing behind her with a stony face!