Avengers vs Thanos - Rush for IMAX!

Many avid cine-goers are rushing off to Lahore to watch the opening shows of the greatest Marvel spectacle to be screened this year, The Avengers. Lahore sports the solitary IMAX cinema in the country, Cine Star. To see the most action-packed movie since Captain America: Civil War, and to enjoy the slugfest between the top baddie, Thanos and the prime team, Avengers fills these teenagers with great jubilation. And in addition, they plan to see Lahore in the rainy season. What more do you want? Jinne Lahore naeen vekhya…! Can’t guarantee who’ll win, but it promises to be one heckuva film. By the way, why isn’t there an IMAX screen in Karachi? I mean there’s no problem with sponsorship. Lotsa rich gents here, and huge investment opportunities! Can’t figure it out why people have to go to Lahore for IMAX?