It’s Karachi v/s Mexico

It’s always nice to have a déja vu moment. Okay, may be not always. But one thing is for sure, people in Pakistan certainly get surprised if someone has that moment with a dress, especially a celebrity. Yay or nay? We leave it on you to decide. Our very own PR mogul, Frieha, seems to be in love with this beach dress that she flaunted sometime back in August 2017 at an event in Karachi and opted for the same for a click with Mexico-based wedding planner Sharon Sacks, in the current month.

With even the same facial expressions, the posture and hairdo, we are in a fix where she looks the best. Tough job it is!

Take a break

Who else is tired of watching light bounce off every inch of her face? Could anyone be more plastic? It’s evident that Nadia has overdone herself in a bid to keep looking younger, if anything, this recent post on her insta is a proof of the same. It’s high time that she to takes it easy! May be someone could introduce her to a term called ‘retirement’.

No more glass ceiling

It’s great to see issue like gender equality coming to the fore these days. While Saudi Arabia is killing it in that area, us Pakis aren’t so far behind, too. Our girls are riding bikes, flying planes and doing pretty much everything that was unimaginable for them to do some 20 years back. And it’s great that they are being acknowledged and appreciated for the same, too. First, Sanam Baloch played PFA Officer Marium Mukhtar on-screen, then Sohai Ali Abro potrayed biker Zenith Irfan in Motorcycle Girl, and now soon, Sabeeka Imam and Armeena Rana Khan will be seen as PFA officers in Sherdill.