5 Style Rules Men Should Never Break

Most style rules are judgments steered by the latest trends that are fresh off the runway. Some of these come, play and then evaporate; only few stand the tests of times. But there will always remain a couple stringent style rules (yes, they are that serious) which are not subject to trend or taste, they are classic, and hence should never be broken. These set the keystones of how you should get dressed for anywhere, at any time.

Remember to match your leathers

We are in the age where juxtaposing suits and sneakers have turned into a style statement. But when you fail to match the tone of two leather seperates, you become a fashion offender. Every bit of leather that you wear should be in complete harmony. That’s why a pair of brown loafers with a black leather biker is an offending choice.

Carry your bag with that suit

Countless designers have put in efforts and concerns in designing backpacks, and these are not for playgrounds anymore. The back-to-school look is high on the streets. The high-low dressing is trending more than ever, so next time you put on your work suit, carry your briefcase or tote bag along. Avoid carrying bags on your shoulder; the pressure and friction of the straps can damage the fabric of the suit.

Never fasten the bottom button on your coat

We understand that when presented with the option, most men like to fasten up their buttons. But this is a mistake a fashion amateur would make. The modern coat is designed to flare out at the hip to give the appearance of a slimmer waist. Fastening up all the buttons pulls at the fabric and ruins the silhouette and seams of the coat.
Leave the last button undone and alone!

Don’t tuck the wrong shirt in!

We have our moms to blame for assuring us that all tucked-in shirts look smart. But this isn’t always the case; not all shirts rein like that. It all depends on the style of the shirt and its hem.

The clean-freak in you will ruin your denims

Most men rise to the misconception that their clothes need washing after every wear. You need not send your coats, jeans or shirts for washing each time you take them off (unless you have the table manners of a farm animal).
Coats or jackets are recommended to be washed twice a year. A pair of denims should be washed once a week. The chemicals used in dry cleaning damage the fabric and weaken the stitching. Even regular washing powders have harmful agents that can easily ruin your clothes.