Letters To The Editor

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
– Opra Winfrey

Stop animal cruelty

While the world has become more aware and vigilant about animal rights, Pakistan continues to remain merciless in this regard. It is a common sight to see people hitting cats and stray dogs. And who can overlook over-burdened donkey carts where the innocent beings are forced to pull all those extra kilograms, be it in any form like constructing material, vegetables or clothes.

Pitiful incidents of vehicles running over cats are also daily routine where the remnants of animals’ bodies lie unattended for several days on the incident site. While there are countless human rights organisations working in the country, it’s high time that animal rights are also given importance.

Ghazala Samood,

Make Karachi clean and green

Karachi remains to be the beautiful city of lights but what this cosmopolitan is craving for is some green plantations on urgent basis. After being a resident of Islamabad for many years, I have recently moved to Karachi and the shocking lack of greenery in this city is pitiable. Tall buildings and flats dominate the city with sparse trees here and there. It is requested that government focuses a bit more on beautifying the city rather than commercialising it entirely.

Hanan Baig,

Load-shedding menace

With unannounced power cuts every few hours, load shedding has got all the citizens troubled. These power breaks last for hours and take place as frequent as four times in a day. This is alarming because Karachi hasn’t yet gotten its full swing of summer heat wave, and the electricity issues have emerged already. It is speculated and dreaded that the load-shedding will get more frequent and worse as the heat wave hits Karachi in the coming days.

Mehak Aziz,

Fashion, entertainment industry highlight grave issues

It is commendable on the part of fashion and entertainment industry that they are using their platform to bring awareness and highlight several national issues at large. In the wake of grave issues like child abuse, gender discrimination, child marriages and domestic abuse, campaigns like #MeinBhi have emerged. Many big designers have designed their collections keeping in the view the same and used platforms like Fashion Pakistan Week recently to showcase their concern to denounce such prevalent issues in the country.

Urooj Qureishi,