Sajjad Ali Does It Again!

What a champion! It seems the collaborative talent of the ditty-engineers of Coke Studio were saving the best for the last. Sajjad Ali’s solo number, Tera Naam, and the cover of Junaid Jamshed’s Us Rah Par, by Ali Hamza, Ali Zafar and Strings, are great bill-boarders. In his number, Sajjad takes advantage of folk to deliver his message. A beautiful song that imbibes Sajjad’s old feel, where two symbols race ahead on parallel tramlines. In his songs, Sajjad has often played the role of a visionary. But, as far as the rainbow of the nuances are concerned, he spins the jadoo like never before. Aside from the redoubtable melody, the singer enriches it with his own calibre. That factor zips him past the routine, in the last episode. Once again, great lines with a great tune. It’s always been that way for Sajjad! A sad thought that we’ll have to wait for late 2018 to listen to more.