Sohai Ali Abro - Fully Immersed!

While recently watching the mast performance of Sohai in one of her film songs, titled Selfiyan re selfiyan, I was struck by the totally immersed state of Sohai’s dedicated personality!

If judging by her dedication, beautiful Sohai looks ready for the top podium. That’s the quality that all the best artistes have. Though she has, for some reason, sworn off television after working in films, Sohai was also a fine TV actress. May be, she will return to TV, given time. For the moment, she is enjoying the rush that the early shows of her Motorcycle Girl is taking all over Pakistan. The film is based on a real-life girl, Zenith Irfan.

But, Sohai disappointed her fans who were gathered in the Packages Mall cinema in Lahore on the 20th April, when she arrived 2 hours late for the preview. That’s bad for your career girl!