Ishq Tamasha - The New Twist!

Amongst Aiman Khan’s sudden rise in the drama world, probably Ishq Tamasha is the only serial, where an odd twist has put new life into an otherwise ordinary script!

The good-looking twin teenagers, Minal and Aiman have quickly ascended the stairs in the New Year. They haven’t disappointed largely, but the similar scripts in our drama world are ditching one and all. Of course, out of the blue, when the handsome wadera, Mehrab Saeed Khan (Junaid Khan) decides to avenge his jilted younger brother (Faizan), and kidnaps Aiman, thinking that she was the one who refused to marry his brother after early infatuation, all hell breaks loose!

I didn’t know it, but when I read the credits, and found that Ishq Tamasha was produced by Danish Nawaz, I felt there was going to be some twist to the bazahir routine stuff. Turned out to be true! Despite some clichés, this episode was interesting. The actual guilty party is Aiman’s cousin, Kinza Hashmi, a very talented and naturally gifted young girl, who insulted Faizan. Let’s see how it turns out!