Why Your Blog Posts Need to Be Like Mona Lisa

Blogging Corner

How do you capture your prospect’s attention with your blog post, glue them to your page and turn them into a loyal reader or customer? Win them over with quality. Here are three ways to do that… writes Suhaib Muhammed.

1. Create Mona Lisa-level content for your prospects.

Of the billions of paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa, a portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the most valuable paintings in the world, priced at nearly $800 million in 2017.

Why? It’s the artistic quality of the painting. Da Vinci didn’t just create a generic painting. He took his time to produce a memorable work of art – a work so unique and beautiful that the entire world would revere it.

You can produce similar artistic work with words. As a digital startup, you can produce Mona Lisa-level content that will win you high-leverage clients and generate thousands of dollars. Here’s how:

•Invest your energy in research. Find new datasets, statistics and case studies to support your points and educate your reader.

• Approach your topic with fresh perspective. How do you write original content on a popular topic? Approach the topic from a different, very narrow angle. Your points matter much more than the subject.

• Invest your time in polishing your words. To write a high-quality blog post, you need more than research and unique perspective. You need to invest more time to brutally edit and proofread your work. Dust those words for substance, logic and clarity.

Like painting, writing quality blog posts is an art. Master the art if you want your readers and prospects to act upon your words of advice.

2. Engage them with A-level advice

Why do internet surfers and visitors search for a specific string of keywords on Google, click on ultra-specific headlines and read a particular type of article from a particular blog or website?

The answer is they’re looking for A-level advice. In other words, they’re looking for a particular piece of advice that’s actionable, result-oriented and simple to digest.

If what you have out there is in-depth, visual blog content that packs in a ton of valuable, actionable ideas that are simple to digest, you’ll win millions of prospects in your market.

And you can achieve that with just one piece of content, especially if that content is a masterful work of art. Here’s what I mean:

3. Turn your words into a gargantuan work of art.

Informative content alone won’t do the job. You need emotional stories, artistic words, flowery phrases and sentences that make the reader giggle, smile, cry and scroll through your blog post to the end. In other words, you need to turn your words into a gargantuan work of art. “How do you do that?” you might ask.

For me, constant reading is the way to go. Reading a bunch of books and articles, anything from fiction novels to autobiographies to classic literature, has really helped to fuel my creative reservoir.

The bottom line.

The only way to attract your audience and prospective customers to your content, your website and your product is through quality blog posts that include valuable content worthy of reading, savouring and acting upon. You do this by writing:

• Epic blog content that engages your prospects

• Quality blog posts with actionable advice

• Superb content that’s also a joy to read

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Happy blogging!