• 28 Apr - 04 May, 2018
  • Omair Alavi
  • Reviews

Every now and then comes a film where the supporting cast overshadows the main lead and Nanu Ki Jaanu is one such film. Comedian Manu Rishi does an amazing job in this Abhay Deol venture and makes the audience laugh in what turns out to be a film made to promote a message rather than entertain. It also looks quite similar to Golmaal Again plot-wise where a ghost disturbs the one person she loves as he tries to save her (after an accident) and makes him a better man. Unlike Golmaal, everyone here knows that the ghost is not a real person, killing away the mystery behind the spookiness.

The film revolves around Nanu (Abhay Deol) who is an extortionist and moves around with his gang until he tries to become a Good Samaritan and save a girl who had met an accident while he was passing by. The girl Siddi (Patralekha) dies on arrival at the hospital but her ghost falls in love with Nanu, hence the title of the film. The paranormal activities that follow are hilarious but sadly for kids and teenagers, grownups might not find it as per their liking. Does Nanu get rid of his Jaanu or does the ghost become part of Nanu’s life, watch the film to find out.

Abhay Deol used to be a wonderful actor a few years back but bad film choices, as well as the emergence of better actors, pushed him into the corner. In the first half of the movie when he is a gangster who extorts property, he leads the gang but as soon as he is spooked, Manu Rishi takes over. Scenes, where his character Dabbu enters Nanu’s flat, evokes laughter because he tries to be super cool and unafraid of ghosts before getting spooked. That one incident changes him so much that he turns soft and forgets that he once stood for illegal acts. The film suffers from similarity to countless films that have featured a ghost and a little more work on the script would have helped.