You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to own these, as they are designed to provide utter comfort to the mankind. Not only you will be simplifying your lives with these gadgets, you will also have a social advantage of looking smarter in your social circle.

Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard

The X-Bows Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard is specifically designed for the user. Unlike a traditional keyboard, this one features a unique crossbow radial design which means that the keys are outwardly angled to minimise lateral hand movement. Saving your joints from stress, the X-Bows Keyboard actually increases your typing speed and overall comfort. Complete with a QWERTY design, the keys are split into two areas, one for each hand. These sections also feature their own spacebar. In the centre of the X-Bows Keyboard are backspace, enter, shift, and control buttons. Both hands can access this area with ease to perform countless actions and shortcuts.

Portable Wireless Storage Device

The YDrive 1TB Portable Wireless Storage Device stands out because of its huge capacity. With up to 1TB of storage to play with, you can stream audio, video, photos, and more. It works with smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi, while the built-in USB 3.1 connector is useful for transferring files from your laptop. The wireless connection lets you share with 15 separate users simultaneously. In a business context, everyone around the table can download your latest work. It offers 12 hours of continuous streaming on a full charge and you can add even more storage via the hidden microSD card slot.

USB-C Lightning Powerstation

Pluto by Earth USB-C Lightning Powerstation rids you of carrying excess cables on the go. By combining a USB-C port and a Lightning port, you can easily charge up anywhere. However, the device combines a streamlined aesthetic, lightweight design, and incredibly easy access. The slim device easily slides into your pocket, bag, or purse. With the built-in cables, you don’t need to worry about extra storage or losing a thing. The incredible 6000mAh battery has more than enough power to get you through the day.