It is the app version of Android O's adaptable icons. You can take virtually any icon on your device and alter it to fit your theme. It even has support for third party icons packs. The only caveat is the need for a launcher that supports custom icons. You will get most of the features in the free version and can unlock the rest of them in the paid version.


Bola is a new budget manager app that allows you to track your pay checks, expenses, and budget. You already know and understand the goal of budget apps. It also supports multiple currencies, cloud syncing, and you can keep a track of multiple budgets. You get some features with the free version. The full version runs for $3.49.


Hurry is a new Android widget that creates quick countdown timers. You can use it for things like birthdays, special events, or even your favourite TV shows. It also includes recurring countdowns, notification settings, and more. The app is currently free to download and use.


Ottipo is a photo editor app in beta that focuses a lot on things such as stickers, frames, filters, and the like. You won't find many hardcore photo editing features with this one. On the plus side, it features a ton of filters, stickers, and frames. You can also crop and rotate images, add elements, and move elements around. The app is free with no in-app purchases.