Man laid to rest in gold casket wearing jewellery worth $100,000

  • 28 Apr - 04 May, 2018
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A young man was cremated following a funeral service and later, doused in Moet champagne where he was laid in a gold casket wearing $100,000 worth of jewellery, DailyMail reported.

Sheron Sukhedo, 33, was put down after being shot outside the home of his wife’s parents in Trinidad and Tobago last week.

The Trinidadian-based millionaire real estate mogul was laid to rest on Friday, showing off the way he used live his wealth.

The gold casket costs $50,000 along with $100,000 worth of gold pendants and jewellery.

His relatives also gifted a pair of Timberland boots inside the casket.

The father-of-two’s body was escorted in a $150,000 Bentley from his funeral service to the crematorium.

However, his jewellery was removed before he was cremated.

Police are investigating some connection from the family to Sukhedo’s death as his children are staying with the wife’s family for now, according to the Trindad and Tobago Guardian.