Android users can recharge their mobile number using Facebook

Facebook’s Messenger team has rolled out a new prepaid recharge feature, that lets users recharge their mobile number right within the Facebook app. For now, the mobile recharge feature is only available on the Android version of the Facebook app, so iPhone users will have to wait.

The new feature is located in the Settings tab of the app represented by a hamburger icon (three lines). Simply tap on the icon, and scroll to the bottom till you see the new Mobile Recharge option. This only appears for the first few times after opening the mobile recharge page. The mobile recharge feature works only using a credit or a debit card and will not connect to net banking, UPI or any of your mobile wallets.

Snapchat lenses are actually big deal

Do you know what’s Snapchat's most important feature? No, it’s not the stories, it’s the lenses. The barfing rainbows and dog ears could end up being far more valuable to the company than the feature Facebook has worked so hard to copy. Snap launched a new form of branded lenses called "shoppable" lenses, which allow brands to apply buy buttons and prompts to install ads directly into a lens. Think of it as Snapchat's version on Instagram's "buy now" ads.

While the company has had "sponsored" lenses for some time, the new format takes the concept to a whole new level. The new branded lenses allow companies to activate promotions directly within one of Snapchat's most popular (and most visible) features.