Husband of the year!

Heartthrob to million girls, Fawad Khan became even more desirable when the pictures of the surprise birthday party he threw for his wife Sadaf surfaced online. Apparently, the theme of the party was black, as the duo along with most guests and even the cake were all dressed in the classic hue. We could spot quite a few celebrities at Fawad’s Model Town home in Lahore having a fun time.

Like father like son

Watch out Mahnoor Baloch, looks like Nauman Ejaz has also found his way to that secret fountain of youth you have been drinking from all this time! Recently, The actor was snapped with his eldest son Zaaviyar, and we couldn’t help but notice how handsome they look. But more surprisingly, they looked more like brothers and less like father and son. Can someone give Zaaviyar his small screen break already?

Façade or change of heart?

In a series of firsts, first lady Melania Trump made special effort to show some affection toward her husband, President Donald Trump and even matched her stripe-y outfit to his tie during a stroll at a resort recently. Now, we know what you’re thinking – affection between husband and wife isn’t all that surprising. But what makes this show indigestible is that this is only the first time the 47-year-old lady has had a change of heart and this comes in face of rumours of the 71-year-old president having an affair with adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Surprised yet?