Yaki is located at Khayaban-e-Seher and offers Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine in what it claims to be are authentic flavours. As Japenese as the word sounds, Yaki means “grilled”, which is why the experience at the eatery could not be complete without the live counter dining, which doesn’t serve grilled food but creates an atmosphere of indoor bar-b-queing. Even though I was reluctant for the high salt content in that particular Japanese dish, the staff insisted that I try out there teppanyaki at the counter where the chef prepares food live with guest seated around him. I am glad I listened to them because dining there is an experience on its own! Starting off, I tasted their Clear Crab Soup, a clear broth with lots of lemon, coriander, diced mushrooms and crab. The broth tastes fantastic for most part, except towards the end when the citrus taste overpowers the rest of the flavour. For the main course, I went for Hot and Spicy beef; crispy julienned beef, juicy sweet bell peppers and spring onions stir-fried in thick hot glaze. The beef tasted amazing and so did the vegetables. The sauce tasted good too, but was surprisingly sweet for a hot and spicy sauce.

Cantonic Fish, on the other hand, was another main course that was served in special red sauce that was less sweet and hotter in taste, just the way I like it. Both the main courses complimented sticky boiled rice they came with. The noodles surpised me the most, as I found a distinct smoky flavor to it, which set it apart from all the pan-Asian noodle dishes I have tried yet. Teppanyaki is any Japanese dish of meat and vegetables stir-fried on and eaten from a hot steel plate. Staying true to the concept, the chef stir-fried boneless chicken, shredded cabbage and sticky garlic rice for me, all separately, on a hot steel counter and served it straight to my plate, after he entertained me by tossing the rice bowl in the air a couple of times and catching it back with a spatula. this tasted perfect to; part salty, part garlic-y and strong black pepper hotness. From ambience and service to taste and plenty of choices, Yaki promises a great evening to its guests!