Let’s colour-block this season!

The time is here to inject your spring wardrobe with a draught of bright colours, and we are here to assist you. The spring-summer runways are raving bright colours of the season, and so should you. And it is not just about donning vivid culottes or a glaring colour-loud bag; this season, play the beaming, bright hues in the most unexpected style.

Colour-blocking has been around for the longest time and has quickly become a fashion vernacular despite it slipping in and out of popularity with the masses. The reasons for its slip out of popularity are pretty obvious; it is a challenge to get it right! And it is not everyone’s cup of tea, or shall we say, good use of the colour wheel?!

Colour Crashing

Stick to the bold and brave crashing of colours. Safe is not the way to go about here; opt for hues that make for a loud statement. Make use of the colour wheel, there are no rules, honestly! Donning on the energising colours can be a huge confidence booster and give you the most distinct look.

Tonal Colour-Blocking

Do you have the flair for the adventurous styling? Head out with tonal colour-blocking. Sticking to similar hues, for spring, think of pinks and reds; cherry and burgundy, tonal aqua colours, to make it a win. Red and pink seems this season’s winning combo. See how the pink pants aptly lift the red top here? We just wish that Urwa had made some more effort in searching for pants that were a shade darker than this pale pink.

Colour Intervention

Don’t wish to go overboard and entirely bank on the colour-blocking trend? Make a band of colour intervention to lift your look. Colour-blocking is favoured at large by the sartorially brave and the most experimental of the style mavens.

Colour-Block the Makeup

There is never a dull moment with make-up, as it keeps on evolving to keep pace with the changing styles. With spring, different bright hues dominate the make-up trends. MUAs play with big

blocks of bright and opaque hues; swatches of red, orange, and yellow on the eyes; shocks of blue on the lips; brushstrokes of green on the cheeks and much more. The models on the ramp come up in rainbows.

Why it works;

Many often stage the argument that colours clash. But fashion divas constantly preach that these colours truly have the potential to flatter many skin tones.

When paired together, they make for a secret weapon in the don of an outfit.


by Saneela Jawad

When we talk about fashion, it is very important that we take time to discuss what the latest trends are. Considering the fact that fashion industry is growing at a rapid pace, every common person has been exposed to the world of fashion to some degree. As true fashion devotees, we are all set to discover this year’s fashion trends for both women and men.

As the summer is just around the corner, following are some breakout trends that you will definitely need to follow this year.

Embroidered jeans: The designers have reimagined the idea of denim and the ones with beautiful embroidered patterns is the thing that’s hitting the trend list this time around. Moreover, denim shirts and shirt-dresses are also very much in vogue.

Polo shirts: Men are very particular when it comes to wearing the right shirts, and polo shirts are what they need for staying comfortable and keeping their fashion game strong.

Accessorise: This season, get your hands on a bucket bag or a long-strapped side bag with hooped earrings, rings and bracelets, and you are ready to step out in style.

Frills and tassels: This spring/summer calls for experimenting with new looks to match your personality. From subtle tassels on shirts to the boxy frill top; be ready to embark upon an adventure, as you play with these fashion trends this year.