There are some fashion trends that we wish are laid to rest, forever. While many trends have waxed and waned on their own, we are greatly troubled when they make sudden resurgences at parties, casual get-togthers and on the streets. To make matters worse, some designers are often keen on giving these trends a second shot.

Here we jot down some of these trends which should be banished for good. And we sincerely hope that once gone, they don’t stand a second chance at coming back in vogue.

Over-distressed denim

We love a pair of denims that are ripped, albeit if it’s from the right places. Once the distressed jeans began to trend, some designers made it their social responsibility to over-distress the denims.

Our Fix: A pair of denims that is not ripped from more than four places is passable.

Deep V-necks

Blame Sunil Shetty for deluding the masses into believing that exposing chest hair through deep v-necks is very manly. Break out of it, Sunil did it decades ago! Such V-neck t-shirts don’t so much flaunt your gains as bizarrely feminise them. Even if you aren’t big on baring chest hair, dear men, please opt out of buying/wearing shirts with plunging necklines. We hope Humayun Saeed sees this.

Our Fix: Casual polos or a classic crew neck shirt.

Cheesy Slogan shirts

T-shirts with slogans, bold messages and quirky one-liners have been worn extensively. From annoying sightings of Eat-Sleep-Rave- Repeat and Go-Nawaz-Go shirts to Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint, we have seen them all in abundance. Yes, some of them were cool and we had a few guffaws over the slogans, but its time these shirts make for a rag to clean your home space. You don’t need a shirt to exhibit you’ve got a sense of humour!

Our Fix: Opt for plain or printed t-shirts instead.

Hair spikes

We need a petition to permanently ban the hair spikes, pronto. When will our designers and celebrities come to terms with the fact that gelled satanic hair spikes are cringe personified? This trend needs to be flushed down the tunnels of ‘Worst of Fashion,’ never to resurge.

Our Fix: Really any hairstyle would do!

Square-toed shoes

From the countless times, we tried to stow the ugly square-toed shoes in the junk drawer, these boxy creatures simply refuse to die. We wonder (but frankly, don’t care) why they were even invented. Chuck yours out today!

Our Fix: Round-toed shoes, to the rescue!

Overgrown moustache

There is nothing more likeable than groomed facial hair. Read again; groomed facial hair. If you can’t tame your beard, please don’t insist on keeping it or believing that you can pull it off.

Our Fix: A well-groomed beard. Is it seriously too much to ask?

Tacky waistcoats

There is a time, place and occasion to wear waistcoats, unless you are Sahir Lodhi; only then, you are allowed to wear outlandish waistcoats all year around. We don’t want our men to completely shed them; we just want them to choose the right ones. Traditional waistcoats are fun to wear, just make sure yours isn’t tacky. For instance, the waistcoats of Fahad Mustafa and Hamza Ali Abbassi are true goals.

Our Fix: Shed the tacky, florid ones.