Letters to The Editor

Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly. – Franz Kafka

Ban on gutka, mainpuri

Despite an official ban, gutka, mainpuri, and betel nuts are still being sold by vendors openly in many vicinities of the country. Consumers can easily purchase these commodities from any local cigarette stall. Extensive researches and surveys in Pakistan have proven that consumption of gutka and similar commodities leads to oral cancer, which is becoming the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country. Ingredients like betel nuts, slaked lime, paraffin and catechu are used in making of gutka, which makes it extremely hazardous for health. Oncologists stress that gutka is twice as harmful as other forms of tobacco as it directly attacks the oral cavity. The Ministry of Health should immediately intervene and impose a stringent ban on the sale of these harmful commodities.

Hamid Riaz,

University fees structures

Many private universities all over Pakistan have begun to charge humongous amount of fees for many degree courses, in the name of improving quality of education. The surge in these fees structures is greatly impacting students and their parents, who are in pursuit of better education. In a few years, it will be close to impossible for many commoners to attain decent education because of unfathomable fee structures. And it is also disheartening that most of these universities rarely have any scholarship or discount programmes for hardworking students. It is requested that the government takes notice of this and monitors the fee structure of private institutions.

Rahima Shakeel,

Menace of make-up dupes

Recently, the markets have been flooded with dupes and low-quality fake copies of make-up products, with many consumers purchasing them knowingly or in a fluke. This is very alarming, because the make-up dupes and low-quality copies have very harmful ingredients in them, which can lead to dreary skin conditions, including skin cancer. Vendors should be banned from selling such make-up products and consumers should be made aware of the repercussions of using such chemical-laden commodities. Make-up brands should also control and restrict the sale of their fake products.

Almina Shafaq,

Motorcycle Girl, a must watch

This is turning out to be a rather good year for Pakistani cinema, with the success and shine of Cake and the latest release of Motorcycle Girl. The stereotype shattering film is going to be the first of its kind, to take on a previously unexplored topic and prove that a female-centric film too work wonders in a largely male-driven film industry of Pakistan. The film has also delivered a strong punch to the patriarchy, by establishing that a motorcycle is not only a man’s toy! Hopefully, in the wake of making and watching a film like Motorcycle Girl, we will finally see more empowered women riding motorbikes across the city.

Nadir Shah,