Letters To The Editor

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.
– Leo Tolstoy 

Resurgence of art galleries

As an artist myself, I find great pleasure in seeing artists finally getting the limelight on many platforms to exhibit their artwork and talent. There has been a rise in art galleries and many art events this year providing a platform wind to an artist’s creativity and encouraging upcoming artists. While many would show appreciation for different mediums of art, galleries or art shows were rarely organised to truly honour one’s artwork. Such a culture should never perish, and citizens must converge their support in sustaining the love of art by organising and visiting such galleries and exhibitions.

Hazar Kumar,

In the name of fitness

There has been a rise of gym and fitness training centres around town which make you think that people are becoming more aware and conscious about maintaining their health. However, it is disappointing knowing that you have to pay a hefty fee to get fit and healthy! At least that’s what the local gyms believe. Having visiting scores of gyms and fitness training centres recently to enrol myself, I was shocked at the amount of money they are charging for just basic training. In the name of fitness, they are charging outrageously high prices for sessions that aren’t that extensive or difficult. Basic fitness training should not be priced so high; you shouldn’t have to be rich to afford basic fitness facilities.

Mahira Mehmood,

Teach girls self defence

It is highly admirable how many schools are encouraging and teaching girls basics of self-defence, karate and kick-boxing as a part of their co-curricular activities. These exercises do more than just make women stronger; they make them more aware about their surroundings and play a pivotal role in their empowerment. It vests them with the power to be prepared for any unexpected situation that comes their way. All schools and colleges should be encouraged to train girls in these feats.

Muzamil Azeem,

Water shortage woes

Many regions of Karachi are facing extreme water shortages in the recent months and Karachi Water and Sewerage Board is to be blamed for the situation. Many people have increasingly resorted to hailing water tankers, which can cost them up to several thousand rupees in a week. This is an expense that keeps on mounting as water shortage in the region continues. It’s high time that the concerned authorities ensure smooth supply of consumable water to citizens without any shortages.

Mehak Butt,