60 Seconds With Mahenur Haider

Mahenur is now a known face to the film-watching masses of Pakistan. She has been in the modelling business for quite a few years and has carved a niche, thanks to her princess-esque looks. It was at the age of 17 when she first stepped into modelling in 2013, from then on she kept up with not just her work but also her studies side by side. Mahenur set the silver screen ablaze with her looks and beautiful smile alongside the talented cast of Parchi which included famed actors like Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan. She will now be seen in an upcoming film, Teefa in Trouble, alongside Ali Zafar and Maya Ali.

The biggest perk of being me umm.. I’m not sure if I can answer that to be honest :/

Best part of the day for me Morning. I am a morning person. I just love mornings!

I am currently listening to The One I Love by Mirror Fury

If stuck on an island, I would be grateful.

The last photograph I took was of my husband.

Life for me is unpredictable!

Best memory to-date for me is nothing specific; in fact, every day is memorable for me.

My best vacation memory is when I went to Poland for Teefa’s shooting and met some really lovely Polish people who made my trip worthwhile. P.S: We’re still in touch. Each and every day I spent in Warsaw with the locals is memorable.

My beauty philosophy is that it comes from within. If you’re negative on the inside, no beauty product can cure you. It’ll always reflect; one way or the other. And that’s really unattractive.