Old Flames Die Hard - Is another Taylor-West feud on the cards?

Taylor Swift is bracing for another round of musical punches coming from nemesis Kanye West. The 40-year-old announced that a new seven song album is dropping on June 1, his first since The Life of Pablo in early 2016. This time around, Tay isn’t stressing if he comes for her musically once again. “Taylor is not worried at all about Kanye’s upcoming album or his next big diss. She is over him, and hopes he is too,” a source said.

“However she will never forget what he put her through, so she will be listening when Kanye’s new album drops. But in the meantime, she is too busy with her own life, and preparing for her tour, to spend any energy worrying about what offensive lines Kanye might rap about her on his new album,” an insider adds. Taylor, 28, is about to embark on her world tour on May 8 so she’s got a lot bigger things to do right now that worry about if Kanye is coming for her.

Kanye famously rapped about having an intimate affair with Taylor and included the line “I made her famous” on his 2016 song Famous.

Taylor fired back in her song and music video for Look What You Made Me Do, the first single off her 2017 reputation album. She dissed Kanye’s tilted stage that he used in concert, how he made her look like a fool and most importantly she pointedly sang I don’t like you. It was abundantly clear who she was talking about. Now we’ll have to wait and see if Kanye has decided to put their beef to rest and not sing about her on his new album.