Beating baby blues - KYLIE JENNER IS BACK IN SHAPE

Kylie Jenner, 20, is enjoying being a new mom and loves the fact that her pre-baby weight is already back only two months after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi. “Kylie is really happy that her body has bounced back so quickly,” a source said. “After only about 2 and a half months, she was back to her pre-baby weight before she became pregnant and she looks and feels great. Her secret is youth, because lately she has been eating almost anything she wants, in moderation. She barely works out too. After taking care of her baby and running her businesses, she hardly has time for exercise.” Kylie’s in such great shape that her sisters, including Kim Kardashian, 37, are envious of it! “Her sisters are all insane with jealousy as Kylie’s post-baby body is rocking."