Masood Butt - New Talent! That’s called catching them young!

Our famous Lollywood director, Masood Butt, who has to his credit films like Jungal ka Qanoon, Nikki Jaee Haan, and others, has decided to break the conventional Punjabi cinema shackles, and pick a young heroine for his new film rather ‘out of the box!’

Yeah, well, out of the box from his own standards! One night, he was switching channels (TV channels!), when he saw the coverage of the PIA CBA Union referendum win celebrations. As he watched the young airhostess dance like crazy in the function, he sat up in his sofa with an ‘oye!’ He liked what he saw, and in a frenzy, found the mobile number of the fazai mezban, asking her to “please aap meri filum kee heervin banein gee! Filum ka naam hai Peshi Gujaran Dee!”

Don’t know what the girl said in reply, but I think she must have fainted after listening to the name of the Punjabi flick!