Anwar Maqsood

Point Blank Shot!

Phew! Finally, Anwar Maqsood has been hit with the Foot-in-the-Mouth disease! He has had the luck of the Maqsoods for decades with him; but, now his luck, aakhirkar ran out! Showing, after all, that he is a mere mortal!

Ah, well! AM didn’t employ the one hathyar that could have, doubtless, saved his skin. Yeah, the pun fun. It has always kept him in the clear! Unfortunately, he forgot all about that weapon in his armoury, and came out in the open with a point-blank shot against the common folk of the province! Forgetting, in the process, no doubt, that the Angrez had committed the sin of calling Sindh, as “Sinned”.

Now that the white-haired skit-writer has acknowledged to all and sundry that he erred, and his skit has been taken off the net (why are terms like net and web so rampant!), one may ask him “Ab to bata do Anwar bhai, what was the wordy trickery!” The only symbolism in his writing was Sindhi ka bar bar marna! Still, Anwar Bhai, why come back after announcing retirement!

AM was right that people have become too sensitive. As for jihalat, it’s penetrating all fields. But, as somebody said, those who are educated actually woh Pakistan ko loot ke kha gaey! So, better be punny rather than funny!