Zan Mureed

Real Crass!

Believe me, I was waiting for such a cheap one! Qasam vocabulary kee! I mean, why should Hum always win the contest; there must be a chink in the armour! And just on cue, here it is! Zan Mureed! A serial without one jot of novelty, by gosh!

A very vacuous bone marrow, ordinary dialogues, very ordinary direction. I think this whole issue has been done to death. The story by Amna Mufti should have coupled this issue with something like the education or personal hobby or something, like the Digest Writer. Because without self expression of the women, this is getting to be a real bore! There is nothing in the wings. Shamim Hilali is throwing a book at Khalid An’am to create fun! Really disgusting writing. The lack of characterisation has reached disastrous proportions in our drama serials!

Nadia Khan, Umair Rana, Hina Bayat and others are all good artistes, but the script is shallow. This time even the great Bagga falters. The title song Meri Dunya Mein is copied from Noor Jehan’s hit song of the 60s from Azmat, picturised on Nayyar Sultana, phrased Woh mera ho na saka to mein bura kyun manoon. Of course, who remembers such an old number? But, I’d say Zan Mureed is a great serial for dozing off after returning from a hectic day at work.