PS4 Pro


Sony’s PS4 Pro has been out for over a year now, and there are plenty of games that make use of its UHD abilities. Games like Gran Turismo Sport, Unchorted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Down are all astounding when played on this upgraded hardware, and a clear visual step up from the standard PS4. Better yet, there are plenty more Pro-compatible games to come, such as God of War and Spider-Man. Just like the Xbox X, Sony’s PS4 Pro is only worth getting if you have a 4K TV sitting at home. Even that its inferior internals mean that upgrade from a base model isn’t quite as essential as with Microsoft’s alternative, especially since you don’t get a UHD Blu-ray give with the Pro. Still, it’s an excellence machine for the money.

Tech Specs

· CPU 2.1GHz octa-core AMD Jaguar
· GPU 4.2-teraflop AMD Radeon
· Storage 1TB
· Dimensions 295x327x55mm 3.3kg